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BuDhaGirl Black Veda Bracelet - Set of 6



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BuDhaGirl Black Veda Bracelet - Set of 6


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      The allure of enamel is captured in our delicate set of six Veda bracelets.  Vedas are ancient Hindu texts containing wisdom delivered to priests via hymns, philosophy, and other rituals.

      Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause. Breathe. Pick a mantra for your day and repeat it six times as you slip on each Veda bracelet. Then...Go. Be it.

      Thought: "When there is harmony between the mind and the heart, and resolution, then nothing is impossible." Rig Veda 


      These amazing bangles are weightless, soundless, waterproof and TSA proof.  


      Made of flexible, polyvinyl carbonate rings that are hand-filled with a proprietary combination of gold/silver/copper leaf and then sealed with BuDhaGirl's exclusive Serenity Prayer bead.

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