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Blessing Bracelet "I am Blessed" Stack 3-8mm Beads


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Blessing Bracelet "I am Blessed" Stack 3-8mm Beads


  • Product Description

      Stack of 3 Smaller Sterling Beaded Bracelets on Gold

      Our best selling Blessing Bracelets now come in stacks! This one embraces a metallic mix of sterling silver and gold with charms that remind the recipient that "I am Blessed" with each glance.

      The intention of the blessing bracelet is to increase gratitude worldwide. However you define your state of grace, we know it begins with gratitude. When we are our best selves, we exhibit patience, kindness, joy and forgiveness, and inherently acknowledge our blessings with our words and actions. When you wear the blessing bracelet, name one blessing for each bead. The more you name, the more you'll find. Acknowledge your blessings. Find your state of grace.

      A blessing bracelet is a simple way to acknowledge your blessings and express gratitude for everything you are grateful for, big and small. It is a daily reminder of the abundance that surrounds each of us.

      -Made with sterling silver and gold connectors and 4-8mm sterling silver beads
      -Held together with a strong, clear elastic band
      -The bracelet comes with a card featuring the blessing message in the images.

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    • Weight: 0.18 lb
    • Product Type: Bracelets