Time Magazine Features Eau Claire

You’ve seen us promoting ‘Shop Local’ time and time again, hearing us regurgitate statistics and numbers that we hope you take to heart or at the very LEAST gain an ounce of new understanding on its impact. 

You hear us say things such as:

When you shop locally, 68% of the money stays in the local community, compared to 43% at big box stores.



Like blood, as this money circulates through the community, it strengthens the entire network of people and businesses that it touches. This is a powerful tool to improve and strengthen your local community.


And then we tell you…


We hope that you look beyond the sponsored ‘shop local day’ and make a conscious decision to form a habit to shop at locally owned businesses throughout the entire year. 


Details has been a local business in the beautiful Eau Claire Water Street District, doing our best to push the shop local events for 30 years folks! We would like to share that it is really truly paying off!   We of course can’t say that we aren’t the only squeaky wheel in our community; there are handfuls of other locals doing their parts as well, whether big or small, it is all equally important and impactful! 


In this week’s issue of Time Magazine, you’ll find a robust story on Eau Claire! (linked here)  Yep, that’s right.  The article covers the city’s recent economic and cultural development.  We have seen a significant growth of the revitalization of our wonderful community in the past few years.  This is primarily due to the locals investing in our community and building off of its strengths and weaknesses.


We look forward to sharing more great things in the future that are happening in our community, in order to give you more insight on who we are and why we are so proud about where we come from.  Look forward to a peek inside of our local restaurants, farmers and art markets, women owned businesses, the extensive music scene including music in the park and Eaux Claires festival to name only a few, the boutique hotels, breweries, local watering holes and rivers alike, as well as many other growing businesses and developments that have revitalized our city and make our hometown unique. 


Thank You for shopping with us at our local boutique, which in turn has helped support the wonderful developments in our community.