Beat Cabin Fever…
                        …With a Little Retail Therapy. 


We always love taking sound advice from our favorite health and wellness specialist Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.  Especially when it comes to shopping!

New Studies suggest that retail therapy has emotional benefits.  Of course we all get excited over finding that perfect fitting jean, or that black heel you can dance in all night.  But who knew that making a decision to purchase those pants or that shoe actually restores a sense of control and reduces sadness.  A study at the University of Michigan compared browsers to buyers and concluded that the act of buying has higher and longer lasting positive effects on mood over the mere stimulation of browsing and window shopping. 

Winter blues is something we definitely can all relate to here in Wisconsin, especially on this brisk 20 below day.  I think that buying some brighter, lighter clothes will definitely boost my mood this weekend and I’ve had Michael Stars and Current Elliot Boyfriend Jeans on my mind.  Beat Cabin fever and visit us down here on Water Street!  New Spring 2014 is rolling in and the fresh color palette is sure to gear your mind towards sunnier days.  If you aren’t quite optimistic enough to begin preparing for warmer weather, check out our 75% off sale.  We won’t blame you for hibernating from the snowy streets but check out what’s new on from the comfort of your cozy home!


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