OGON is the original creator of the aluminum wallet. An idea that was conceived in Sweden, produced in France, and now available here at Details! Ogon Designs created a durable and protective credit card case that is sleek and aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly the aluminum wallet protects your credit cards from a possible demagnetization and from electronic data theft. Modern cards are easy to use; however holders are exposed to bank fraud and identity theft.  Cards have a security weakness that can be scanned or distance hacked. The protection of an Ogon wallet is a necessity for travel and not a bad security system for everyday use!  

OGON aluminum wallets are compact, strong, light and easy to use. A hard case wallet is the same size as a normal leather wallet with extra protection and high style. Latched closure is sleek and easy to use and the inner tear proof PVC pockets hold approximately ten credit and/or identification cards.


The Ogon Wallets are available in a gorgeous array of colors, as well as a new quilted design that we LOVE!   The Ogon Zipper Quilted Wallet is the partnership of Ogon and famous French designer Eric Berthes who has most notably worked for Chanel handbags. The chic hard shell quilted wallet offers superior protection against credit card theft along with unprecedented style. This is a modern wallet for modern times.