The MZ Wallace oxford Nylon Metro tote is the best travel bag we've seen! Quilted outside is durable, crushable and packable. Zippered top keeps your belongings secured. Three detachable interior pouches in multiple sizes. Six interior pockets accommodate phones, metro passes, business cards,etc.
MZ Wallace bags are known for their classic, functional styling and exquisite, high quality leathers and Teflon coated nylons. Started ten years ago by two New York women, MZ Wallace has been a fan favorite ever since. Featured in top fashion mags, MZ Wallace is a darling of the press.
"Women are always searching for the perfect handbag," says Lucy. "Our goal is to design a handbag that is stylish, functional, lightweight, timeless, and affordable. With M Z WALLACE we want to create an American classic."- Lucy Wallace Eustice (co-owner with Monica Zwirner)

Metro Tote