Here at Details Direct, we believe travelling should be fun and as stress free as possible. However, lugging a huge bag around can quickly get in the way of enjoying your trip. With that in mind, we compiled a few tips to help you simplify your travel experience by learning how to fill a single bag with a handful of key-pieces that will carry you through every possible occasion without the hassle or extra luggage fees.

Let’s get organized!

Choose one base color and only two accent colors

Black is always a great choice, but don’t be afraid to go with other neutrals such as navy and gray. Sticking to a main basic color will also help you to narrow down your shoes and accessories choices.

Pack only items that can be worn at least two ways

It is really important to pack items that can multi-task and do the work for you. For example, a cardigan can easily dress up a sleeveless dress or a tank top and pants combo. Choose one in your basic color for versatility or in an accent color for a fun kick. Scarves and shawls are another great way to add color and polish to a look. You can have it over your shoulders when wearing a dress, tied around your neck with a blazer, or just to help keep you cozy and warm on the plane. Scarves are also useful as a head covering for churches or temples.

Stick to lightweight, washable travel wear

Interchangeable lightweight jersey pieces are essential for comfortable travelling. You will be sitting for long periods of time, not to mention subject to temperature fluctuations. Layering gives you the flexibility to create visually interesting looks while adding warmth as needed. We suggest wearing a tank top with a long sleeve tunic or a cardigan on the top, paired with comfortable pants or a long skirt. Long dresses are also a great choice for wearing with leggings and a comfy sweater over it.

Sympli Travelwear carries amazing, wrinkle-free, lightweight jersey pieces that can be mixed and matched for a personalized and versatile look. All styles are interchangeable and built to provide a flattering slimming effect while still accentuating your natural shape. From draped cardigans to leggings and over 30 colors to choose from, you can create a gorgeous look that is all your own. Learn more about Sympli here.

Now, if you are the kind of girl who lives on jeans, you do not want to miss Second’s Yoga Jeans. They are the comfiest, softest jeans you will ever try and come in a variety of washes and cuts to best fit your frame. These jeans will keep you comfortable without giving up on style.

Shoes and accessories

Comfortable walking shoes are an absolute must-have. Never take new shoes or boots on a trip without breaking them in first.  Leave diamonds and any other expensive jewelry at home. Instead, go for costume jewelry such as Beje Jewelry’s faux diamond earrings. They are the perfect accent for a dressy outfit and a great way to upgrade a casual look without the worry of losing or securing them.

Now you’ve selected what to take, let’s pack!

Lay your items flat with the fewest number of folds to reduce wrinkling and gain maximum space. Another great space-saving trick is to pack underwear in your shoes and roll your PJ’s and knits to fill the edges of your bag. Make sure to bring along a portable laundry powder to wash out delicates and layering pieces in your hotel room.

Forever New makes a great travel laundry detergent that is gentle enough for all your fine lingerie and delicate washables. The Details staff loves this detergent because it is biodegradable, environmentally safe, and free of chlorine and bleach so you can rest assured your clothing will be safely clean without any nasty left-over residue in sight. (available in-store)

Last but not least, choose a great travel bag

Your travel bag will store your most important documents, phone, tablet, camera, sunglasses, reading material, makeup and whatever else your heart fancies (Sour Patch Kids, anyone?). When carrying so many items, keeping a well-organized and secure space is absolutely essential. The last thing you want is to get to the check-in booth and have to dig all over an overstuffed bag for your travel ticket, or even worse, lose your passport because your bag doesn’t close properly.

If you are on the hunt for the perfect travel bag, MZ Wallace makes the best travel companions at an accessible price point. Featured on Vogue, O Magazine, Glamour, Lucky, and WWD among others; MZ Wallace bags are lightweight, waterproof thanks to a Teflon nylon coating, and feature loads of zippered pockets and compartments for an ideal combination of organization and security. They also come in a multitude of gorgeous colors, think emerald green and classic black, and a variety of shapes so you can choose the perfect bag to fit your needs.

MZ Wallace Sightings

Tip: Always put your most-used items such as phone and wallet in the same compartments, this way you will always know where to find them in your handbag.

You're officially ready for a fabulous, hassle-free getaway!