Deepa Gurnani

The Holidays are over and 2015 has greeted us with open arms.  I have transitioned from drooling over sweets and treats of the season to drooling over new fabulous spring product that is rolling in with the New Year!  The snow may have not left the ground yet but the fresh fashions are a welcomed refreshment and a glimpse of hope that spring really is just around the corner!  There is one new designer at Details in particular that has me absolutely and completely one hundred percent mesmerized—Deepa Gurnani.

The fine detail and craftsmanship in Deepa Gurnani’s hand beaded, leather backed jewelry line has me staring in both wonderment and adoration.  Deepa hand beaded pieces for Alexander McQueen while studying at London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.  The prestigious training and creative influence is completely evident in the couture standards of her wearable works of art. 

This line is not only well made, did I mention the jewelry is absolutely stunning?  Stand out, jaw dropping pieces in beautiful metallic tones with pops of vibrant color that only need a blank canvas to shine on!  I encourage you to be daring and dress Deepa down with a white tee shirt, jeans and your leather booties or dress up your favorite basic black pieces that have become dull staples in your wardrobe!  Any way you wear it, you will sparkle and shine!

Catch a fleeting glimmer of sunshine by checking out Deepa Gurnani’s warm metallic, spring inspired jewelry line at Details and and share our excitement!