As the hectic holiday season continues, at times we find ourselves stressed and overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. Our To-Do lists never quite seem to be finished. Sadly, we lose sight of the bigger picture...the many blessings we have in our lives.


It is important for us all to take a moment, breathe and reflect.


‘Enter The Blessing Bracelet’


The simple, wearable reminder to take a moment and reflect on what we’re thankful for.


Whenever you wear it, acknowledge one blessing in your life for each pearl on the bracelet. Pause on each pearl and express gratitude for each blessing.


Webster’s Dictionary defines a blessing as “something that helps you or brings happiness.”


Be grateful for: Your children, a flower, your dog, a perfect cup of coffee, the sunshine, the rain. This simple reminder during the day refocuses us on how blessed we really are. The more you acknowledge your blessings, the more positive blessings flow into your life! 


Blessing Bracelets are hand-strung sterling silver with 4 beautiful beads, ranging in price from $28-48.








Swarovski Pearls


Faceted Gemstones



















Swarovski Pearls &    Swarovski Crystal Rondelles
























Hand Blown Murano Glass Beads from Venice, Italy
















You will find that the Blessing bracelet is a timeless and classic design, elegant when worn alone or stacked together.



This bracelet is a fabulous $28 gift. It is an important reminder of all we have to be grateful for and a starting point in the practice of Gratitude.


I'll share mine... Four things I’m grateful for today…

1)      I’m grateful that we have no snow on the ground. It’s December in Wisconsin!

2)      I’m grateful for my health.

3)      I’m grateful for my husband.

4)      I’m grateful for you.’s faithful customers.


Now, it’s your turn. What are you grateful for?



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