Shop Local with Eileen Fisher



10AM - 6PM

Thursday, September 17th through Saturday, September 19th




502 Water Street

Eau Claire, WI 54703



By the simple act of shopping at locally owned businesses, you have strengthened your community. When you shop locally, 68% of the money stays in the local community, compared to 43% at big box stores. As this money circulates through the community, it strengthens the entire network of people and businesses that it touches. This is a powerful tool to improve and strengthen and improve your local community.

We hope you will make a conscious decision to shop at locally owned businesses throughout the year. 

Eileen Fisher's commitment to create an awareness of the importance of shopping locally happens twice a year. However, it is important that we form the habit of supporting locally owned businesses throughout the year. These are the businesses that typically make the largest charitable donations throughout the community, serve on local boards, volunteer and create jobs. Statistics tell us that local businesses donate 250% more on local charities and causes than larger businesses. They also offer unique goods and services that enhance the character of a community. These goods and services are important to attract and retain a creative class of workers to a community.

As we all ask:

"What can I do to strengthen MY community?"

Shopping at small, independent businesses, is a great way to strengthen your entire community.