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Mieko Mintz

Monday, May 12, 2014 10:48:20 AM America/Chicago

Mieko Mintz Kantha Jackets

We are so excited to be featuring Japanese designer Mieko Mintz here at Details.  Mieko creates one of kind contemporary garments and accessories from heritage rich Kantha cloth.  The cloth is handcrafted from textiles collected by Mieko’s world travels, the textiles are then carefully arranged, layered and bound together by hand stitching creating beyond beautiful fields of color and texture with a luxuriously soft hand.  Mieko’s Kantha cloth garments are created with the labor of love, each one hand made and as unique and inspiring as the next.  

Kantha is a traditional type of embroidery with a long and distinguished heritage. The handcrafted cloth was popularized in eastern South Asia, specifically Bangladesh and the Indian states of West Bengal and Odisha.  Old saris along with silk or cotton cloth are stacked on each other, the common running stitch covers the entire cloth binding the layers together and creating a new fabric, the Kantha cloth, which is then traditionally used for a wide array of garments and household coverings. 

Each unique creation tells its own story and holds its own history.  The cloth is believed to symbolize prayer and ward off the “evil eye.”  Traditionally Kantha were supposed to help keep their wearers safe from harm and aid in obtaining happiness and prosperity, which Mieko wishes for her garment’s wearers as well.    


Born and raised in Sothern Japan, Mieko Mintz is now a New Yorker selling her line of culturally rich clothing in her small Soho shop.  Her signature line includes jackets, scarves and jewelry, each with its own unique variety of colors and prints.  We are pleased to have a carefully curated collection of jackets and scarves at Details this spring for a short time.  Mieko Mintz is a must see, the hand and the detail work in the cloth is an art in itself that is deserving of a close and appreciative eye.  

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Build an ideal wardrobe with the mix and match possibilities of Sympli.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 4:00:26 PM America/Chicago


In a perfect world, everything in our closet would go seamlessly together. Never would we find ourselves lost in a sea of fabrics and mismatched blacks, red leather jackets reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s Thriller or sizes we haven’t worn in years. But that, for most of us anyway, is the state of our closet – an a la carte of our past and present finds. 

 Building a wardrobe isn’t the easiest of tasks. Each item has to function with the others to ease our morning routine and provide multiple options.

Sympli clothing offers a diverse collection of pieces that are not only stand-alone, but are a cohesive collection that can be layered, mixed and matched. These versatile pieces help our closet to become a place of empowerment instead of frustration. 
Are you ready to organize your wardrobe? Do you want to make selecting an outfit more streamlined?

Do you want to ease the strain of packing and lighten your travel load?

The little black dress is a wardrobe staple that can be worn year after year providing effortless style and comfort.  Sympli offers a vast array of basic dress silhouettes that can be wardrobe basics in black or special occasion outfits in fabulous colors. In addition to the little black dress, Sympli offers a diverse collection of classic wardrobe staples and special occasion pieces in more than 30 colors! Sympli’s collection of luxurious jersey knit tops, jackets, pants, skirts and leggings provide endless possibilities for all body types. T.  Many companies offer black jersey basics, but we love the well-designed, flattering styles of Sympli and their high-quality, washable jersey.

Let’s talk about some of the ways we love to mix and match Sympli:

We love to pair the Sympli Diva Leggings with the Sympli Mini Skirt. The mini skirt is perfect for any top that is just a little short of a tunic; it provides easy coverage at just $58!  We can then incorporate a range of tops creating a day look or an evening statement. 
For day, add the Sympli Best Tee in White or whatever color you’d prefer from their 30+ selection. Layer the Sympli Diva Vest over the top for a fun accent to the Diva Leggings, or try the Sympli Dash Jacket for a more professional look. For evening, pair the Diva Leggings and Mini Skirt with the Sympli Focus Tunic. Or go for a trendier silhouette by pairing with the new Sympli Envy Tunic which features a high-low hemline.


The Perfect Pant is the workhorse of your wardrobe. Sympli offers a great collection of wardrobe staple pants perfect for any occasion and for all silhouettes. These foundation pieces mix and match effortlessly with your Sympli tops and jackets. 
The Sympli Long Narrow pant provides a lean silhouette that fits most women but is wider than leggings. This pant continues to sell out at Details. It is a perfect basic for work or travel. The Sympli Pure pant is perfect if you carry your weigh in your thighs and prefer a wider legged pant that flatters your shape.Team any of these pants with the urban jacket and you have a soft suiting look.


The Sympli Dash Pant is the go-to piece for making legs look longer and slimmer. The pant features a curved seam that creates a slimming effect while making the legs appear longer. Pair with your perfect pump and the Sympli Dash Jacket and you’ve got a modern take on the power suit that will not only flatter your figure, but get you noticed for all the right reasons.


Oh and did I mention that most women feel like they just lost 10 pounds when they try on Sympli!


Join us April 24th – April 26th for the Sympli Spring 2014 Trunk Show to see all the great new pieces perfect for your wardrobe.


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Shop Local and Go Green with Eileen

Friday, April 18, 2014 4:50:13 PM America/Chicago

Shop Local and Go Green with Eileen…

“Shopping locally is an effective way to keep the economy alive,” says author and NEF researcher David Boyle.  Indeed, says Boyle, many local economies are languishing not because too little cash comes in, but as a result of what happens to that money. "Money is like blood. It needs to keep moving around to keep the economy going," he says, noting that when money is spent elsewhere—at big supermarkets, non-locally owned utilities and other services such as on-line retailers—"it flows out, like a wound."  When you commit to buying a percentage of your goods locally your money changes hand 9 times strengthening and revitalizing your community.

Shop Local and Eileen Fisher have paired up in celebration of Earth month to promote GREEN EILEEN, a recycled clothing initiative that is committed to reducing environmental impact by extending the life of timeless garments.  Eileen Fisher is promoting her GREEN EILEEN initiative in accordance with the Shop Local movement to promote and stimulate local economy.   

Details will be hosting a Shop Local event by accepting donations of your gently worn Eileen Fisher clothing in store from April 24-26.  Customers will receive a 5$ certificate for every item donated that can be spent towards new Eileen Fisher merchandise in the store during the Shop Local promotion! We have tons of light and fresh Eileen Fisher adding pops of color to our racks just in time for spring cleaning… so clean out your closets, move your parkas into storage, and make room for Eileen!

 All Eileen Fisher donations are shipped to a GREEN EILEEN recycling center where clothing is professionally cleaned and re-sold at one of 2 GREEN EILEEN locations at affordable prices.  All profits support programs that improve the lives of women and girls in our local and global communities.  Participate in our shop local event by visiting us on Water Street between April 24-26 to shop for a cause, stimulate local economy and go GREEN with EILEEN!


Read more of Judith D. Schwartz’s article “Buying Local: How it Boosts the Economy”



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Learn. Layer. Love…

We love the tangible energy emanating from American jewelry designers Chan Luu and Alena Fisse-Karr.  The two west coast based artists of Chan Luu and Pools of Light have a similar affinity for natural materials and semi-precious stones.   Each effortlessly creates handmade artisan jewelry that is easily collected and layered to create timeless and personalized compilations.  We have always loved to layer Chan Luu, but as the two new spring collections sit side by side we are loving the way the Pools of Light Crystals are bringing energy into the mix. So why not…

                                                                                  …Let’s learn to layer them together!

Chan Luu combines natural materials in an array of hand-cut semi-precious stones, sterling silver, gold vermeil, and custom dyed leathers to create unique hand-made jewelry. The organic shapes are contrasted with contemporary ideas creating relevant and wearable bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The line is designed to be layered, encouraging an ongoing personal collection of specific pieces that can be mixed, matched and layered onto your wardrobe to showcase your ever evolving personal style.

Artist Alena Fisse-Karr is the west coast based designer behind the Pools of Light collection creating wearable art that is timeless yet modern, and balances whimsy with sophistication. The collection is inspired by the colors and facets of light seen in stones.  Swarovski crystals bring an element of light to her jewelry and we love the way she mixes them with pearls and labradorite as the antiqued sterling silver gives the collection a sense of richness and history.  Alena's world travels have lent appreciation for nature's grandeur and given her a natural eye for elegance, composition and style reflected in her classic collections.

The natural elements of the stones and crystals are stunning on their own as a single strand, but this summer is about channeling your inner bohemian self and loving to layer.  Have fun choosing and collecting complimentary pieces to layer together to create a truly unique look for every day.  Choose a basic crystal charm necklace from Pools of Light and layer it with a beaded stone strand from Chan Luu. The trick is to choose two different lengths then add and take away layers of beads, charms or crystals to discover the combination that brings you your strongest energy.  You need no more than your favorite white t shirt to showcase the mixing and matching of your personal collection and create a truly chic and effortless look.   So go ahead, Learn.Layer.Love.




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PONS avarcasUSA

Monday, February 17, 2014 1:31:55 PM America/Chicago

Pons AvarcasUSA

From Menorca Spain to the USA…
                        …PONS sandals have arrived at Details

PONS Avarcas Sandals are here, and we are voting them the number one must have footwear accessory this summer!   Avarcas sandals, the traditional sandal of Menorca Spain, are designed with both comfort and style in mind.  The minimal shape of the sandal has a quiet elegance and maintains lasting comfort making this sandal completely versatile and practical for your busy life.  The versatile women's avarca sandal has become the must-have fashion accessory and the everyday-all occasion footwear. The casual design will get you through any daily adventure that life throws your way with effortless style and comfort.


The PONS brand is a family owned business, specializing in artisan avarcas sandals since 1945.  The line is huge in Spain and now finally making waves in the USA.  The AvarcasUSA brand works exclusively with Pons to bring eco-friendly artisan made sandals to sustainable-minded Americans.  The third generation shoe makers continue the family tradition, giving each detail the utmost attention.  Handcrafted from quality leather and lightweight rubber soles according to traditional measures, Pons avarcas sandals are a classic shoe available in a variety of seasonal colors to fit your lifestyle.  Try them here at Details today, watch for new styles and colors!

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Syd Handbags, Homegrown Wisconsin Artisan Leather

Thursday, February 13, 2014 12:26:37 PM America/Chicago

Details is excited to share the artisan work of Syd Handbags, a homegrown Wisconsin leather artist…Literally. 

We love shopping small and supporting local, and when we find a Wisconsin artisan product that is as smart and stunning as Syd Handbags, we are more than happy to shout it from the Details rooftop!  Syd, a product of two artists, was born and raised in our beloved Wisconsin growing up in and around her parent’s leather shop and traveling the country for art shows.  Surrounded by all types of artists she watched and learned while gaining respect for the life of the artist and for things made by hand.  Syd now works with her own hands creating beyond beautiful leather bags and raising two young children around the same family studio.   

We are in complete awe of the uniqueness and fine craftsmanship of every single Syd handbag.  The buttery leather is beyond soft, it has a fantastic drape which lends to endless shapes and styles that just get more beautiful with age and wear.  Syd lovingly adds fine detailing to each piece with whip stitching, beading and contrast inlays.  The versatile leather bags are available in dozens of colors and textures such as embossed cowhide, croc prints and suede.   One of Syd Handbags most prominent features is an outer zipper pocket for convenient phone access.  Syd offers one of a kind pieces that are start to finish handmade in her Wisconsin studio and each hold their own outstanding personality, how could we ever choose which to share?  We couldn’t, so we chose them all! 

Syd Handbags Trunk Show happening now through February 25 at Details, 502 Water St.  Swatches are available in store for customized orders.  Preview a portion of the collection at detailsdirect.com today.  Shop now for the greatest selection of Syds one of a kind creations!

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Little Black Dress

Monday, February 10, 2014 1:33:21 PM America/Chicago

The little black dress is a wardrobe essential, and Details presents a great collection just in time for Valentine’s Day! 

A little black dress is a classic piece that is pertinent to every woman’s personal collection.  Once you find that perfect fit that hugs your curves and loves you in just the right places, you will never want to let it go.  And you won’t have to!  A little black dress is a timeless look that will alleviate that stress of getting dressed by becoming a go to piece in your wardrobe.  Pair with a blazer for a working lunch, throw on a colorful cardigan for that last minute spring fling or layer a strand of pearls with an essential black heel for date night!  The opportunities are endless.  The only challenge is finding the perfect match for you.  And that’s where we’ve got you covered. 


The hunt is over!  Details has a great selection of little black dresses including styles by Joseph Ribkoff, Bailey44, Sympli and now introducing Fig.  Debut your dress this Valentine’s day and challenge yourself throughout the year to style up or down with season appropriate accessories.  You will never have that ‘what do I wear’ moment again.  

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Retail Therapy

Saturday, February 8, 2014 5:10:56 PM America/Chicago

Beat Cabin Fever…
                        …With a Little Retail Therapy. 


We always love taking sound advice from our favorite health and wellness specialist Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.  Especially when it comes to shopping!

New Studies suggest that retail therapy has emotional benefits.  Of course we all get excited over finding that perfect fitting jean, or that black heel you can dance in all night.  But who knew that making a decision to purchase those pants or that shoe actually restores a sense of control and reduces sadness.  A study at the University of Michigan compared browsers to buyers and concluded that the act of buying has higher and longer lasting positive effects on mood over the mere stimulation of browsing and window shopping. 

Winter blues is something we definitely can all relate to here in Wisconsin, especially on this brisk 20 below day.  I think that buying some brighter, lighter clothes will definitely boost my mood this weekend and I’ve had Michael Stars and Current Elliot Boyfriend Jeans on my mind.  Beat Cabin fever and visit us down here on Water Street!  New Spring 2014 is rolling in and the fresh color palette is sure to gear your mind towards sunnier days.  If you aren’t quite optimistic enough to begin preparing for warmer weather, check out our 75% off sale.  We won’t blame you for hibernating from the snowy streets but check out what’s new on detailsdirect.com from the comfort of your cozy home!


For more on the article and other great advice from Dr. Weil, check out his site,http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/WBL02389/Benefits-of-Retail-Therapy.html.

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Cuddle up in Coral

Thursday, February 6, 2014 5:04:41 PM America/Chicago

Cuddle up in Coral...


Coral is THE color of the season. The perfectly pink undertones we have been seeing make this red orange hue beyond wearable on everyone.  Coral has been the consistent color in the collections this spring and we love seeing the color popping up around the store as our spring styles roll in. 

We are excited about the fresh way Eileen Fisher pairs her spring corals with muddy browns and taupe’s.  Try an Eileen Fisher Box Top in Red Lory with the favorite Slim Ankle Pant in Taupe for a chic spring ensemble.   Pairing the bright coral hue with neutrals underwhelms the intensity of the color and makes a sophisticated statement. 

For those who are leery to jump into such bright hues, an easy way to transition coral into your wardrobe is layering.  Layer a coral Bella Dahl Button Down or a Julius Michael Stars Hi Lo Tee under your sweaters or spring weight jackets.  The pop of color will be refreshing without overwhelming.  

Be bold and go head to toe in one of Joseph Ribkoff’s coral cocktail dresses!  Layer a denim jacket or cardigan over the fun shade as the weather transitions.  As summer approaches don it solo with your favorite statement necklace.   If Sympli is more your style be sure to check out their new spring shade they are calling Lipstick.  We have the beautiful Chakra Top in Lipstick here in the store, a lovely piece to layer with leggings, or as always, call us to special order ANY of the spring Sympli line in our new favorite hue.

Fresh color has arrived just in time for your spring wardrobe refresh and whether you will be out sipping cocktails or cozied up at home... be sure to cuddle up in coral!

Images Courtesey of MichaelStars.com, EileenFisher.com, BellaDahl.com

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We Love To Layer... Planet Clothing

Thursday, January 30, 2014 1:50:20 PM America/Chicago

Planet Clothing Spring 2014

We Love To Layer…

     …Planet Clothing

      The New Year is here and everyone is ready for a wardrobe refresh.  It’s that tricky transitional time when the weather is still reminiscent of winter but we are preparing for spring.  So how do you get the most bang for your buck?  How do you liven up your pre-holiday pieces while still thinking forward?  Layering is your answer. 

     We love Planet Clothing for layering and their new spring 2014 collection has arrived at Details!  A lightweight sweater is the perfect transitional piece for spring such as the Planet Boatneck Stripe or Mixed Rib.  Layer now over long sleeves or turtle necks and as the season progresses to spring switch out your base layer to tees and tanks.  Planet Basic Boxy Tees and Planet EZ V Tee are fantastic long sleeves that can be worn year round.  Refresh your wardrobe with one of the new 16 spring colors available on our Planet Clothing Page or check out our favorite new colors in the store, a soft Wedgewood blue and Pistachio.  Layer planet long sleeves now with sweaters and turtle necks and in the spring don them solo with leggings and flats.  One of our favorite pieces we brought back this season is the Planet Tank Dress; the long fabulous drape makes a beautiful fit on every shape and the style has pockets, a detail we always love.  A great dress to wear into the summer, but try it now with a cardigan or jacket!  The Tank Dress is available in a beautiful ombre dip dye, a popular trend of the season.  Basic EZ Tee and Crop Sweater also available in the graphite ombre dip dye, you definitely will want to check them out before they are gone! 

     Planet Clothing women’s apparel line was designed for layering, truly giving opportunity for individual styling and personal expression.  The soft silhouettes and relaxed fits offer practicality and comfort while maintaining modern elegance.  We love the natural fabrics which have a soft luxurious hand such as the Peruvian Pima Cotton, some of the finest cotton in the world.  The wrinkle free fabrics are great for travel, the lightweight linen sweaters are perfect now for traveling south.  Shop now on our Planet Clothing Pagel or visit us in the store!  Be sure to watch for new styles as we continue to bring in new Spring 2014!


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