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We are Starry Eyed over Shadowplay New York

Thursday, May 28, 2015 4:12:30 PM America/Chicago

shadowplay New York

We are beyond excited to introduce our newest space-crazed fashion discovery to Details… where fashion meets technology—shadowplay new york.  This kitschy space inspired brand featured in Oprah Magazine this month, digitally prints their fabrics with real images from NASA’s Hubble Telescope, capturing vast networks of gas clouds, star clusters and most popular…the blood moon.

 Based out of Brooklyn, the two Parsons graduates, Ali Bennaim and Zimena Chouza began the brand over their shared love of the beyond.  Everything is produced and sourced locally and they aim to remain an environmentally conscious clothing label. 

These tees, tanks, dresses and accessories are making us starry-eyed… we are so excited to mix, match and layer these photographic works of art into our wardrobe!  Perfectly suited under a leather jacket or with your favorite pair of denim, stop by and marvel this digital, wearable art for yourself!

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Metallics are the New Black

Friday, May 15, 2015 1:12:49 PM America/Chicago

Metallics are the New Black

Metallics are the New Black...


You heard me right ladies, we all have that staple black bag and those go to black shoes that absolutely go with ‘everything’ in your closet that make running out of the house effortless and easy… I’m calling the kettle black.  Though it is as timeless and classic as it is effortless, there is a new neutral in town and it’s bringing on the sparkle!


Metallics are here to add a bit more shine into your sunny days!  Champagne, antique silver or a soft rose gold is as neutral of a companion as any of your blacks, browns, beiges and greys but with a bigger attitude.  A soft silver or gold will compliment any color combination, print or pattern.  So swap out that go to black bag for a Remi and Reid champagne reversible tote, maybe an MZ Wallace silver metallic linen threaded cross body bag, a Carla Mancini metallic leather shoulder bag or a Mighty Purse metallic leather clutch!  All beautiful metallic accessories in our store and online now!


So you’re a shoe girl …try our favorite handmade leather CYDWOQ sandals in the antique silver.  The muted metallic tone goes with every maxi dress or summer combination your wardrobe has to offer and are ridiculously comfortable to wear with their hand molded leather arch and leather sole (we all own a pair here and no one will tell you different).  The next best thing to walking barefoot… and they will take you wherever you need to go, from outdoor adventure to poolside cocktail party, from New York to LA! 


If you're looking for a statement necklace to top off a basic look, add your bit of summer sparkle with Deepa Gurnani necklace, layering bracelets or earrings!  These fabulous hand beaded pieces in tones of golds dress up any basic black dress or white tee and denim cut offs for an effortless boho look.  BEje also offers hoops in everyones favorite new alloy--rose gold.  That lovely soft pink hue will warm up any look this summer!


We've got the sparkle covered, come discover something new and wear it your way!

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Make Them Blush...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 12:24:30 PM America/Chicago


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Deepa Gurnani

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 3:27:26 PM America/Chicago

Deepa Gurnani

The Holidays are over and 2015 has greeted us with open arms.  I have transitioned from drooling over sweets and treats of the season to drooling over new fabulous spring product that is rolling in with the New Year!  The snow may have not left the ground yet but the fresh fashions are a welcomed refreshment and a glimpse of hope that spring really is just around the corner!  There is one new designer at Details in particular that has me absolutely and completely one hundred percent mesmerized—Deepa Gurnani.

The fine detail and craftsmanship in Deepa Gurnani’s hand beaded, leather backed jewelry line has me staring in both wonderment and adoration.  Deepa hand beaded pieces for Alexander McQueen while studying at London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.  The prestigious training and creative influence is completely evident in the couture standards of her wearable works of art. 

This line is not only well made, did I mention the jewelry is absolutely stunning?  Stand out, jaw dropping pieces in beautiful metallic tones with pops of vibrant color that only need a blank canvas to shine on!  I encourage you to be daring and dress Deepa down with a white tee shirt, jeans and your leather booties or dress up your favorite basic black pieces that have become dull staples in your wardrobe!  Any way you wear it, you will sparkle and shine!

Catch a fleeting glimmer of sunshine by checking out Deepa Gurnani’s warm metallic, spring inspired jewelry line at Details and detailsdirect.com and share our excitement!


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S'well Bottles

Friday, December 19, 2014 11:11:57 AM America/Chicago

S'well Bottles

If you have not jumped on this bandwagon yet, let me introduce you…

S’well Bottles…


                   They’re pretty S’well.


Most Important, S’well Bottles are good for you and they are good for the environment. These reusable safe bottles are beautifully crafted and composed of non-leaching and non-toxic 18/8 stainless steel.  60 million plastic water bottles are used every day in the US, one S'well bottle reduces this consumption.   For every S’well bottle sold, a portion of the proceeds go back towards A Charity partner Including WaterAid, American Forests, and Drink Up to provide clean drinking water around the world.

S’well bottles fit in the console of your car as well as the bottle holder on your bicycle.  So however you commute, S’well fits.  Whether you need a bottle small enough to fit in your purse, or big enough for music in the park (25oz holds an entire bottle of wine), for the yoga studio, school lunchboxes, and the boardroom, there's a S'well option for you.


S’well bottles are perfect for a day at the beach or a yoga session after work, keeping liquids cold from day to night.  Coffee & tea stay steaming hot and fresh throughout the day. Drinks stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 without any condensation on the outside, ever. Ice stays in your bottle and steam stays trapped with our cap that prevents leakage, and can even hold carbonation.

These enticing bottles have been created three sizes: 9oz at $25, 17oz at $35 and 25oz at $45 each available in dozens of vibrant colors and finishes.  A truly simplistic and beyond beautiful design that looks great in your hand or on your desk (without leaving coffee rings on your paperwork).

Now we are starting to understand why this bottle is sweeping the nation and beyond… but don’t take our advice, stop into Details or shop detailsdirect.com, pick out your favorite color and try one for yourself!


 S'well Bottle Sizes




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Shop Small For the Holidays

Thursday, December 4, 2014 5:15:28 PM America/Chicago

 Shop Small


Think Small, Shop Local This Holiday Season!

I think we are all asking what we can do to improve the economy. Keeping money in the local economy by shopping small is a powerful economic tool that benefits not only the business but all it touches as it circulates thru the community. Research has shown that when people spend just 10% more of their disposable income with local businesses the economic impact is huge. 

We are kicking off the Holiday Season with Small Business Saturday on Saturday November 29th.  Continue to shop local this holiday season for unique items on your wish list, and explore all that Water Street has to offer.

Grab the perfect wine pairing for your holiday dinner from Mona Lisa’s that you will enjoy with family and friends as you gather around the beautiful table centerpiece created at Avalon.  Deck your halls with Willow and discover gifts she’ll treasure at Details, we have something special for everyone on your list!

Make Memories on Water Street this holiday season by supporting small business and shopping local!

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Mickey Visits the White House to Support Women in Business

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 1:32:07 PM America/Chicago

Mickey in Washington 

Women Business Leaders from across the country, including our very own Mickey Judkins, met in Washington for the Top Women In Business Brief Administration… 

Wisconsin Business Leaders Visit White House to Support Women in Businesses


Washington, D.C.Women business leaders from across the country, including Mickey Judkins, CEO, Details, met with Maria Contreras-Sweet, U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator; Carla Harris, National Women’s Business Council Chair; Megan Smith, U.S. Chief Technology Officer; and other senior Administration officials at the White House on Monday to discuss resources for women in business and the importance of women business leaders in advocating for broad economic policies ranging from intellectual property to trade to immigration.


“Women lead many of the businesses that are growing and shaping the 21st-century economy, and it’s critical that their recommendations are considered both in the boardroom and here in Washington,” said Contreras-Sweet. “It is wonderful to meet with so many women executives and hear about how SBA and the Obama Administration can continue to support their efforts to make our national economy stronger.”


Mickey at the Whitehouse

At the meeting, organized by the White House, the National Women’s Business Council and Business Forward, the discussion focused on ways for improving access to capital.


“Women-led businesses are the fastest growing segment of our economy, with an estimated impact of $2.8 trillion and more than 23 million jobs. In Women’s Small Business Month, it’s as important to highlight this contribution as it to call attention to the challenges that women uniquely face when it comes to raising capital, entering new markets, and growing and scaling their businesses. We must address the barriers to entry that too many women in business face,” said Harris, who is also Vice Chairman of Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley. “And we must work together to do so. This meeting of women leaders and Administration officials is an important step to remedying the issues and moving the women business ownership agenda forward.”


“Women business leaders are powerful advocates for meaningful policy change that will impact both our business bottom lines and our communities,” said Mickey Judkins, CEO, Details, in Eau Claire, Wis. “It is a privilege to join so many successful women at the White House to discuss ways to help grow our businesses."


Participants chose between three breakout discussions on technology, access to capital, and federal resources. A conversation with panelists from the public and private sectors also examined various ways that Washington matters to women in business. 

Women in Business Leadership Conference

Hear Mickey speak about her experience HERE on the local news!

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Poncho Trend Alert

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 10:41:10 AM America/Chicago


Alashan Cashmere Poncho

Trend Alert: Ponchos

You may have seen our favorite new accessory make its debut in Details this spring and now it’s hitting the runways and the streets.  Ponchos are most definitely here to stay!  The poncho has made a huge statement this year in the fashion game as a fabulous layering option and we love this versatile, practical new look.  The poncho has been an elegant dress topper for summer events and a great option for light coverage into the evenings or in and out of summer air conditioning.  The lux hand lends a beautiful drape that is a statement in itself for fall.  Layer the poncho over a long sleeve tee or turtleneck for an instantly chic and effortless look.  It’s a great cardigan alternative to continue layering over dresses into fall. 


Alashan Cashmere has created a versatile and luxurious poncho that can be draped across the body to create 2 different looks and also converted into a scarf which is absolutely fabulous for seasonal transitions!  Wear Alashan’s poncho as a cozy and completely practical scarf option over your winter duds and as you sit down to dinner or coffee casually convert your cashmere into an effortlessly beautiful poncho layer.  Alashan offers a beyond soft cotton with a touch of cashmere (95% Cotton 5% Cashmere) that is great for spring and summer as well as a luxurious 100% cashmere option for fall and winter.  Both are selling great and are available in 56 seasonal colors so there is no need to restrict yourself to only one!  A terrific value at $88 for the cotton cashmere blend and just $138 for 100% cashmere. 


Eileen Fisher has also been on the forefront of the poncho trend offering organic spring and summer options in lightweight gauzy cottons and linens that sold great.  Her fall collection is equally elegant in soft lightweight merino wool offering a rich and saturated color pallet of rusts and blue violets.   The wool offers warmth that will keep you cozy on the go.  Wear as an outer layer as we watch the leaves change color and wear indoors when the frost falls.  Eileen’s minimal sensibility turns the poncho into an important fall accessory.  The vibrant color is brilliant paired over a black silk camisole or turtleneck with a pair of slouch pants or boyfriend jeans.  Effortlessly chic, less is more this season. 

 Eileen Fisher Poncho

Whether out and about, dressing for dinner or transitioning between seasons; a poncho will become your go to layering piece.   Utterly practical and beyond elegant, you can’t go wrong.  Stop in and visit us in the store and we will happily dress you up in our endless options or take it upon yourself to browse our online shop!  Fall is upon us so ready, set, layer!



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Ogon Wallets

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 12:15:42 PM America/Chicago

OGON is the original creator of the aluminum wallet. An idea that was conceived in Sweden, produced in France, and now available here at Details! Ogon Designs created a durable and protective credit card case that is sleek and aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly the aluminum wallet protects your credit cards from a possible demagnetization and from electronic data theft. Modern cards are easy to use; however holders are exposed to bank fraud and identity theft.  Cards have a security weakness that can be scanned or distance hacked. The protection of an Ogon wallet is a necessity for travel and not a bad security system for everyday use!  

OGON aluminum wallets are compact, strong, light and easy to use. A hard case wallet is the same size as a normal leather wallet with extra protection and high style. Latched closure is sleek and easy to use and the inner tear proof PVC pockets hold approximately ten credit and/or identification cards.


The Ogon Wallets are available in a gorgeous array of colors, as well as a new quilted design that we LOVE!   The Ogon Zipper Quilted Wallet is the partnership of Ogon and famous French designer Eric Berthes who has most notably worked for Chanel handbags. The chic hard shell quilted wallet offers superior protection against credit card theft along with unprecedented style. This is a modern wallet for modern times.

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Details 29th Anniversary Celebration

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 3:48:10 PM America/Chicago

Spring is finally here, and so is Details 29th Anniversary Celebration!
Where has the time gone? So many beautiful things have passed through our doors over the decades. Thank you for your support over the years. In some families, we have three generations shopping with us. We will continue to travel the world and find beautiful things for you to discover at Details. Come in and join our 29% off sale on all sweaters, scarves, belts, Joseph Ribkoff and Bernie Mev shoes. There are great sweaters to choose from including 360 spring cashmeres, Eileen Fisher linen sweaters,pima cotton from Planet and Belford; as well as Skiff, 525 and Margaret O'Leary. And those who know Bernie Mev Comfort Shoes or Joseph Ribkoff will enjoy saving on their favorite brands. Again, our heartfelt appreciation for your support over the years. 
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