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  1. Jaimerocks Beaded Stone Bracelet

    Jaimerocks Beaded Stone Bracelet


    JMB3025 Jaimerocks Beaded Stone Bracelet Multi color wrap beaded bracelet with stones. Available in two colors. Learn More
  2. Jamierocks Beaded Bracelet

    Jamierocks Beaded Bracelet


    JHB1025 Jamierocks Beaded Bracelet Gorgeous beaded bracelet with leather wrapped band. Perfect to accessorize or pair with Jamierocks Leather Beaded Necklace . Learn More
  3. Jamierocks Leather Beaded Necklace

    Jamierocks Leather Beaded Necklace


    JHN003 Jamierocks Leather Beaded Necklace Beautifully beaded necklace looped through a leather strap with knot detailing. 32" necklace length with 13" drop starting at leather knots. Pairs well with Jamierocks Leather Beaded Necklace . Learn More
  4. Jamierocks Beaded Tassel Necklace in Merlot

    Jamierocks Beaded Tassel Necklace


    ZN5040 Jamierocks Beaded Tassel Necklace Beautiful beaded necklace that gathers to make a tassel in various colored beads. 28" necklace length with a 9" drop. Great to dress up any outfit! Learn More
  5. Jamierocks Knot Necklace in Grey

    Jamierocks Knot Necklace


    ZN7047 Jamierocks Knot Necklace Beautiful knotted necklace with a hint of sparkle in a 34" necklace length with 4" drop from the knot and smaller knot detailing. Learn More
  6. Jamierocks Tassel Necklace in TL

    Jamierocks Tassel Necklace


    JMN3069 Jamierocks Tassel Necklace Timeless multi-beaded tassel necklace with golded bead embellishments is the perfect accessory to any outfit! 32" necklace length with a 5" drop at the tassel Learn More

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6 Item(s)